Adult Asperger’s

Providing services for adults of all ages with Asperger’s – from the student transitioning out of high school to the seasoned adult. ┬áNo formal diagnosis needed – even if you just suspect you, a co-worker or a loved one have some “aspie” qualities – counseling can benefit you.

Services Include:

  • Psychotherapy & Counseling
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Neurofeedback
  • Consultation for family, friends, co-workers, or with other professionals
  • Collaborating with other service providers
  • Education, resources and referrals

Higher functioning people with Asperger’s might not realize they have been struggling with a challenging difference until they become derailed by a significant life event such as leaving school, getting involved in or losing an important relationship, getting or losing a job, or being directly confronted by someone. ┬áSometimes they recognize it in themselves when their child has been diagnosed. ┬áBecause the Asperger’s diagnosis was not recognized in the United States until the 1980s (and then only for children), older people’s difficulties might have escaped detection or been misdiagnosed. Common issues can include depression and anxiety due to a history of feeling misunderstood; difficult, failed or no relationships; lack of friendships; difficulty achieving goals or reaching one’s potential; fear of the unknown or uncertain; feeling overwhelmed in general.

Treatment is goal-oriented and strengths-based to facilitate understanding, overcoming and/or compensating for your challenges in order to improve the quality of your life.